Transfer between Delhi T2 and T3

In different travel forums I read regular query from travellers about terminal transfer at Delhi airport.In this blog I will share information regarding transfer between T2 and T3.

Delhi airport have 3 terminals ,currently T1 is closed and only T2 and T3 are operating.T3 is international terminal and also domestic flight operates,T2 is only for domestic flights.Whichever type of connection you book,there is no way of auto transfer of baggage between terminals,passengers have to collect baggage and re check in at check in counter at next terminal.

Both terminal are just in front of each other,its hardly 5 min walk,pathway is well lit and marked,can easily walk with trolley .Almost all route (except when crossing road) is covered so not a problem in light rain too. In fact walk between Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 is shorter than the walk from aircraft to exit at Terminal 3.

Terminal 3/Metro to Terminal 2

After exit from Terminal 3,whichever gate you use just take left turn and walk to the end (Gate 1 is the most right and 6 the most left).At the end you will find a food court .pass through between food court and pillar number 18 and you will see a path going straight ,just follow that,1st you will cross a road then will pass through a parking and a waiting area for bus passengers,just continue the walk ,cross another road and you are inside tunnel and at the end of tunnel you are at Terminal 2 arrivals,to reach departure take elevator/stairs.

If arriving by metro then just exit from metro station from level 0 (there is another exit at level 1 which connects directly to terminal building on mezzanine floor, avoid that ) and cross drive way, when you reach terminal near pillar 10 just take right and walk to the end ,after that same as above.

You can also go through video of complete walk between Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 to Terminal 3

There is only one exit gate at Terminal 2 so just exit from that,after coming out from elevator left is towards taxi/bus/pick up and straight goes towards Terminal 3/Metro,just follow the sigh and will reach Terminal 3 in 5 min.If have to go to metro station then after reaching Terminal 3 (pillar no 18) walk straight and after pillar no 10 you will see metro entrance on left side after crossing drive way.

Terminal 2 exit

Video of walking from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3.

Hope this will help future 1st time travellers .

Thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “Transfer between Delhi T2 and T3

  1. Hi Rahul,
    Really great explanation about travelling between Terminal 2 and 3,thanks a lot,very helpful for first time visiting to Delhi Terminal. Appreciate.


  2. Hi Rahul, that is a very good article. So my international flight arrives in T3 and my domesitc flight is in T2. Could you please let me know a transfer duration of 2 hours is sufficient? considering current corona regulations. Thanks


    1. Better if you share exact flight details.
      Most probably both flight booked on different PNR and for that 2 hr is not a duration for comfortable transfers.Consider around 1 hr to exit T3 after immigration and custom,another minimum 10 min to reach Check in counter of T2 and check in desk closes 45 min before departure.
      If traveling without checkin baggage then story would be little different and relatively comfortable.


  3. Hi Rahul,
    Thanks for the detail explanation for T3 to T2 transfer, Do we get porters in T3 who can manage luggage and cart and move to T2?


    1. Very tight but still doable if on same PNR.
      If on different PNR then very tight specially if travelling with baggage,check in desk for domestic closes 60 min before departure so if have to collect baggage and check in again at next terminal then its very tight,


      1. From T2 exit to T3 entry its 5-10 min walk depending upon individual walking speed. Complete Video of walking from T2 to T3 is uploaded in this blog, after reaching T3 have to take elevator to departure level.


  4. Your video is very helpful. I arrive T2 at 5:10pm and departure at T3 ả 6:45 pm. No check in luggage. Can I make it? How much time normally to go through security check in?


    1. Are you an Indian with Adhar? If yes then doable easily.
      Considering flight arrives on time,you would be at T3 in next 20 min.Download Digiyatra app and login with your adhar and a selfie,then after doing web check in upload your boarding pass on digiyatra and share with airport.
      There is a dedicated entry at T3 for Digiyatra passenger and take hardly 2 min to enter,and at security check also dedicated security (actually its of business class) and take hardly 5-10 min max and you can comfortably reach boarding gate.
      If not using Digiyatra then would be very tight,10-15 min to enter and security checks depends upon luck,may be crowded and may take 30-40 min too.
      In any condition you have to reach gate 25 min before departure and if needed ready to jump queue.


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