A quick and budget Jaipur tour

Jaipur is capital of Rajasthan and one of the most famous tourist place in India,its also part of famous Golden triangle with Delhi and Agra,it has many things which can easily let any one busy for 2 – 3 days,has everything from forts to museum to food to shop,wont disappoint a tourist .Last march was in Delhi and got 2 spare days between work so instantly made a plan for Jaipur,1st checked tickets for morning Shatabdi express but was not available ,for me second best option was volvo operated by RSRTC. RSRTC operates regular Volvo service between Kashmiri gate,ISBT and Sindhi Camp ISBT,Jaipur.The bus starts from ISBT,Kashmiri gate and have a stop in front of Westin Hotel,IFFCO chowk Gurgaon ,those from Gurgaon can board from IFFCO chowk.I was in Delhi so started from Kashmiri,gate.When you reach ISBT ,there would many touts asking you where going,just ignore them,Rajasthan roadays Volvo starts from inside the terminal,they have a dedicated departure/arrival area,also ticket counter nearby.

You can check and book ticket here

I booked an 8 am departure,as I was staying at East Of Kailash so took Uber to ISBT,Kashmiri gate ,skipped metro this time,it was a smooth ride to ISBT as due to early morning didnt had to negotiate pathetic traffic of Delhi.When you arrive at ISBT entrance,you will be approach by may touts asking for your destination,just ignore them,they are touts for private operators,also keep in mind that all government roadways bus starts from inside the terminus.

ISBT is well planned,have all the basic amnesties for a traveller,bus departs from designated platforms,you can check at display or ask any staff ,will certainly come with a exclusive blog for ISBT,Kashmiri gate soon.RSRTC Volvo/Scania starts from little away from the main island/platforms from where most of the other buses of different roadways starts,booking counter is also there near the boarding point.

RSRTC Scania at the boarding point

The bus started sharp at 8 am. Unfortunately there were heavy traffic in Delhi and took 2 hr to reach Gurgaon (Iffco chowk),finally started from Gurgaon around 10:15 and reach Sindhi camp bus stand at 3,in between stopped for half an hour at a restaurant but that place is not worth mentioning,shabby and overpriced place,there are many better place on the way but dont know why RSRTC chose such place.Bus was good and comfortable,good leg space ,comfortable seating arrangement,charging point near every seat,clean and courteous staff (at least better than rude staff of most of the private buses),ok for 5-6 hr journey.

Comfortable Leg Space and I am a 6 footer.

Now its around 3 and we reached Sindhi camp bus stand,as we were having very less number of days in Jaipur so without wasting any time proceeded to our 1st destination which was city palace.We enquired from locals and come to know that there are buses which drop at Hawa Mahal round about and from there City Palace is just 5 min walk,we waited for the bus and it arrived in 5 min and it was not so crowded,may be as it was before the evening peak hour,i forgot the number,in 20 minute we were at Hawa Mahal round about,after a brisk 5 min walk we were at City Palace ticket counter.

After buying ticket we were inside the majestic City palace,any one can easily spend 2 hr if interested in those stuffs,the palace have multiple galleries showing different aspects of Royals like artillery,cloths,as we are not the museum buffs so completed in an hour,overall good and well maintained place to get introduction of Jaipur Royal Family.

After that it was time to taste some local delicacies ,our 1st stop was Pandit Kulfi ,its situated just outside the city palace on main road,3-4 min walk from City Palace exit ,its a small place serving only Kulfi,we had their Kesariya Kulfi,it was totally worth,reasonably priced,non touristy ,must visit.

Kulfi at Pandit Kulfi

Then we starts walking towards Bapu Bazar,which was just few minutes walking.1st we stop near round about and there had Mirchi pakauda from an unnamed cart,after that next stop was MK Mawa wala for Lassi,read many places about their lassi and it was totally worth,rs 25 for a Kulhad of thick creamy lassi.

Thick creamy lassi

It was already around 7 pm and we hadn’t checked in to the hotel yet,we had booked 2 separate hotel for 2 nights as it was economical wrt booking same hotel for 2 nights and as travelling light so was ok.For 1st night we had booked hotel Natraj near Sindhi camp bus stand ,it was a basic budget hotel but ok for our requirement,clean AC room and bathroom,close to bus stand/market.We took a bus from Hawa Mahal roundabout,took around half an hour to reach Sindhi camp and then 5 minute walk to hotel,the time when we reach hotel it was around 7:30 ,after quick rest for an hour at hotel we left hotel for dinner.

We were in mood have laal maans and read some good review about Handi restaurant at MI road so decided to visit that.Looking at google map we found that it was only 10-15 min walk from our hotel so we decided to walk so that can also explore the locality.

As expected it was a small walk to handi,was easy to find,it was not crowded so easy to get table,ambience was ok,cleanliness and hygiene was not up to the mark.We ordered Laal Maans and butter naan,food was ok but not something extra ordinary,had eaten even better earlier,looks its a touristy place,and after not so good experience here comes the cherry on top,when bill was presented by the server ,he didn’t forget to remind us that he should be “tipped”,sorry but this attitude is not accepted ,next time will search for better place .

This was end of our hectic day,we just walked back to our hotel.

Day 2

Today our itinerary was full of places so we woke up early and left the hotel at 7:30 am,as this hotel was booked only for a night so we checked out .

Our 1st stop was Gulabji tea stall,hardly 2-3 minute walk from hotel,situated in a small alley ,a small kiosk with some sitting arrangement on the ally,more famous among local,saw many locals having tea and snacks after their morning walk.We had tea and bun butter,tea was good,hot pipping and creamy,bun was just ok.

Now to next stop, Rawat Misthan Bhandar,Jaipur is famous for Pyaj Kachauri and one of the most famous among all in Jaipur is Rawat,its situated near Sindhi Camp Bus stand so was walking from Gulabji tea stall.As it was just little after 8 am so they were still opening the place but pyaj Kachauri so without wasting time ordered it,though heard lot about this place and Pyaj Kachauri but i found it just ok,nothing special,not a value for money for rs35 per piece.

Pyaj Kachauri of Rawat Misthan Bhandar

Now it was time to start sight seeing,1st stop was Amer Fort.We 1st took bus from Sindhi camp to Hawa Mahal,bus dropped us near roundabout then walk to Hawa Mahal and then another bus to Amer,there are regular buses to Amer from the stop in front of Hawa Mahal,within 5 minute a bus arrived and we boarded,the bus was not not crowded and we got seats also.In 20-25 minute and rs16 pp we were at Amer,just remind the conductor about dropping at fort starting point otherwise bus will stop at Amer village stop which is little further.

Bus to Amer

There are many way to reach Amer fort,walking to fort take around 15 minute from the road,its not so stiff hike through easy stairs,except for 2 point its different than the elephant path,only 2 point it crosses the Elephant path,1 time just crosses the elephant path and another just before fort entrance 20-30 minute common route.If having own vehicle the can reach up to car parking on top with vehicle and then relatively easy walk.The bus dropped us just in front of starting point ,1st a small garden then stairs to fort started,it was a gentle 15 min hike to Fort.

Now it was time to buy the ticket and explore the fort,as this blog is mainly to explain logistic so wont go in detail about fort but in short its totally worth,not to be missed place in Jaipur,lots of instaworthy photo points, spend around 1 and half hour,those interested in history can hire guide,audio guide also available .

Next destination was Panna Meena Ka Kund (Stepwell) in Amer village,15 minute walk from fort,we come down by the same path which used to go up,at middle of the path there is a gate on right side which goes to village,if was a soft downward walk,Kund is worth visiting if someone not visiting any other Kund/Bawri (Stepwell),though no one is allowed to step down,only photo from above.

There is also Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing nearby to the Kund,though we skipped that but those interested can visit.Then a small walk to main road and bus back to Hawa Mahal,bus stop at Amer is at Main road,can ask policeman or shopkeepers about bus,avoid asking auto or taxi drivers,within 10 minute reaching the bus stop we got a bus,as it was afternoon it was almost empty,a smooth ride to Hawa Mahal.

After disembarking at Hawa Mahal bus stop a short 5 minute walk to Hawa Mahal enterance,do keep in mind that the entrance of Hawa Mahal is not from front side on main road but from back side,then an half and hour photo stop at Hawa Mahal,do go on top floor to get some good view of Pink City.

Next stop was Jantar Mantar,a short walk from Hawa Mahal,for those walking between two places,there is one small short cut via Jaipur Vidyut Vitran office campus.spend next 45 min at Jantar Mantar.Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory build by Sawai Maan Singh 2,the ruller of Jaipur in 1720s,it incorporate multiple buildings of unique form,each one with unique form,each with specialised function of astronomical measurements.Though there are display boards explaining function of each instruments but what I felt that getting a guide is better option to explore.

Exact time shown at Sun Dial

Our next stop was Govind Devji temple,a short walk from Jantar Mantar via City palace,We reached around 3:00 and come to know that darshan starts at 5:30 so again walk back towards Johari Bazar.

1st stop was legendary LMB,there was long waiting time for restaurant so just had Onion Kachauri and lassi,just ok, nothing special but when in Jaipur it’s customary for a foodie to visit LMB.

Pyaj Kachauri and Lassi

Our next destination was Birla Mandir and Moti Dungri temple ,we asked few person about timings but there was some confusion,some said 4 some 5 so we thought to be safe and planned to visit after 5,till that time it was golden opportunity to explore local market,we went inside small alleys and found few good local places for snacks (with help of some quick online search) at Modi khana.

1st place was Bhanwar Lal Kailash chand halwai,small basic shop (infact workshop or kitchen),they had very few type of sweets and namkeen,we had moong daal barfi and kalakand, authentic and totally worth.


2nd stop was Radhe Kachauri wala,though they are famous for Kachauri but we went for hot samosa and Mawa Kachauri,again total value for money,no glamour and non touristy.


3rd stop was Puran Jee kachauri wale,just in front of Radhey,had hing kachauri,again value for money.

Now it was 5 so time to visit Birla Mandir,though Uber Auto and Go were available,we went for Uber Moto to get an experience,we both requested Moto and both arrived in 5-7 minute,in rs25 per bike we were at Birla Mandir,beautiful and well maintained temple,spend some time sitting inside the temple,was a pleasant experience,IMHO Birla Temple should be in must visit list of any traveller visiting Jaipur,spend around 20-25 minute there.

Birla Temple

Later walk towards Moti Dungri temple,Moti Dungri is an old temple dedicated to HanumanJi situated just in front of Birla Temple,no crowd there are easily did the darshan in 5 minute.

after that we enquire about bus from local people (and google too) and come to know that if we walk 10 minute towards RBI then can get the bus to Sindhi Camp,we gave it a try and got the bus,this time as it was evening peak hour so was crowded,finally reached hotel after hectic sight seeing.

After taking some rest it was time to have dinner,we walk to MI road and took share E Riksaw to Raj Mandir crossing,1st stop was Lassiwala but at the time we reached it was closed so it was time for next stop ,India Coffee house,ambience was exactly as it was expected,run down and Shabby but I had some different feeling for Indian Coffee House so visit was must,whichever city I visit and it had ICO then i cant missed that,it was my 1st visit to ICO,Jaipur,had mutton dosa and coffee,both was good and not to heavy on pocket, after that walk back towards Raj Mandir crossing,just in front of Lassi wala,there is Jal Mahal ice cream parlour,read that it’s famous among local and after visiting quite impressed, recommended.Then E rikshaw back to hotel.

Day 3

Today was our last day in Jaipur,as Albert hall museum was closed yesterday so we made a quick visit there,we are not a fan of museums and artefacts so for us it was ok.

after that time to had lunch,we decided to give LMB a try for their thali,the time we reached LMB was starting of Lunch time so easily got the table,service was good but overall we found the food overrated and overhyped.

LMB Thali

This was end of our short tour to Jaipur,we took a RSRTC Volvo from Sindhi camp bus stand and return back to Delhi .

Hope this blog will help those who wants to visit Jaipur for 1 or 2 days and wants to cover maximum ,also don’t want to hire cab for full day and wants to do by self independently.

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