About Me

Hello Friends !!Myself Rahul ,born in Muzaffarpur and bought up in Patna,Bihar.

Earlier I used to share my travel experience and food reviews at various online forums like Tripadvisor and Zomato ,now started sharing in detail in my own blog too.

Now a days I need to travel a lot due to my work and whenever its possible I try to visit places other than work,that’s why most of my solo trips are short ,3 to 4 days,in this page I would try to share my personal experience as much as I can.

Whenever I travels solo its mostly a budget trip,during solo trips I try to keep budget low as much as I can on lodging and transport,even for food I prefer street food and non touristy places ,but in some case in any place is too famous then can increase budget little bit to get a taste of it.

In this page mostly I would share my actual trip report,it may be little boring to read,but would give a better prospective of travelling ,will help more if someone is planning a DIY trip.

My blog would concentrate on logistic and budget mostly,please don,t expect details of attractions ,that I reviews in detail on Tripadvisor,restaurants and food reviews on Zomato ,photos on Insta and Facebook .

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You can also mail me at rahul2604@gmail.com